Our Expertise

Areal Drone
With stunning aerial photography our films provide surprising insights in animal life at a unique location. One of the world’s best drone operators is part of our team.

High Speed
With frame-rates ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 fps we can capture new behavior. Action too fast for human eyes like bats drinking nectar or kingfishers diving.
Time Lapse
We are running our own time lapse studio to create stunning footage of growing nature and to show surprising processes too slow to be visible to the naked eye.
Special Camera
A specially designed super light-sensitive camera turns night into day for us, so we needn’t to disturb animals in their natural behavior with artificial light.
With our experience in wildlife filming often under extreme conditions, we have developed a unique range of techniques and equipment.
Story Telling
Our trademark is exceptional attention to detail and fresh ideas about getting unusually close to the animals and subjects we’re filming.
Tree Climbing
As our Team is specialist in tree climbing and filming in the canopy we got a lot of practise in the Ecology of tropical forests.